Sophie Leininger


I provide Art Direction and creative support for film, television, and commercials.

Gold For Fools - Art Director

Gold For Fools - Art Director

I was the Art Director for Gold For Fools, a short film about a Hasidic family living on an isolated chicken farm in upstate New York. The film is currently in post production.

The Bride of Death - Art Director

I was the Art Director for Bride of Death, a black and white Grand Guignol, British Horror-style feature film adaptation of a play by the same name, written and directed by Michael Phillis.

ASUS Lyra Trio Mesh WiFi Commercial - Art Director

I was the Art Director for this ASUS Wireless Router Commercial which entailed sourcing all props and set dressing a multi-story home.

HUMBLE PIE - Art Department

Humble Pie is a short film by Ben Watts. I worked in the Art Department and executed the elaborate set dressing.

GoldieBlox - Propmaster

GoldieBlox is a girl-focused STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) toy company based in Oakland, CA. I was the Propmaster for Season 2 of their web series “Hack Along.” I am the hands you see working over the blue mat.

Pizza Witch - Art Department

PIZZA WITCH Fortune-Telling Cards are a modern, non-heteronormative take on divination, using themes from traditional tarot and references to pop culture, folklore, & daily life.

I assisted Production Designers Courtney and Hillary Andujar on this commercial to promote the newest Pizza Witch deck.